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Can you go to a divorce lawyer if you are not married?

When we talk about ” divorce lawyer ” we are referring to what, more properly and broadly, revolves around family and minors law . Let us suppose that a cohabiting couple with children but not united by the marriage bond breaks up. For greater protection of minor children, the need may arise to contact a divorce lawyer . So yes: although it may seem a contradiction in appearance, not necessarily only married women turn to professional firms in this category. Maybe at first the woman thinks she can do it alone. But you have the right to reconsider. And in this case, does the right to maintenance start from the end of the cohabitation? And how do you verify this

When does a cohabitation end: what about the children?

A recent sentence of the Court of Cassation dealt with a similar case (order n.8816 of 12 May 2020). During the marriage celebration, article 147 of the civil code is read to the couple, which recalls the duty of maintenance, education, education and moral assistance of children in respect of their abilities, as well as natural inclinations and aspirations. However, Article 30 of the Constitution specifies that, even when not married, parents have the right to child support. All the rights (and duties) referred to in article 315 bis of the civil code are also recognized for children born out of wedlock. In the light of all these considerations, responding to the above doubt, the Supreme Court established that “the obligation to maintain the natural child starts from the end of the cohabitation or from the request for reimbursement”. Therefore, in the present case, and in similar ones, the end of the cohabitation is considered and not that of the beginning of the cause. It will be up to the judge to determine the appropriate amount of the check. Even if years had passed, this does not affect the mother’s right to appeal against the father who, after living together, has withdrawn, even if initially she herself had tacitly agreed to do it alone. The right does not expire. Yet, thanks to the internet, it is possible to contact the divorce lawyer online for freeand ask for a quote for advice on child support or any other need.