Where to study transactional analysis in detail?

Transaction analysis is a psychological method that is used to understand human behaviour. And it is also used in analysing communication and how human behaviour can be predicted and changed. There are different definitions given by different scientists for transactional analysis but they all mean the same and conclude a similar thing. Transactional analysis was developed by Eric Bernet who was a psychologist and the definition of transactional analysis was: when a person comes in contact with another person, there are small communication components that are transferred back and forth. These components are known as transactions so when a person meets with another person and there is a reaction to communication, it is termed a transaction. And these transactions can easily be analysed which is known as transactional analysis. Now in other terms, a person can say that transactional analysis is a psychological method that helps in dealing with the personality of a person and analysing the communication that happens among them. If you speak about a website over which you can learn more about it, then we would definitely prefer Transaktionsanalyse.


why read on Transaktionsanalyse?

Well, on this particular website you can find that they have defined each and everything related to transactional analysis. They have given its concepts of it, objectives, the name of founder, and where this transactional analysis can be used. In addition to it, they have given all the concepts in a detailed manner and even they have explained core beliefs.