Five ways that a professional uses to clean your carpet

Whenever you feel that your carpet is muddy, pet stains, dinginess, or stained. Cleaning your carpet can give it a new look, extend its life and make it more hygienic. www.carpetcleaningsatx.com is a carpet cleaning service that provides service all over San Antonio.

The five ways professionals use to clean:

  1. Hot water extraction
  2. Carpet shampooing
  3. Encapsulation
  4. Bonnet cleaning
  5. Dry cleaning

Hot water cleaning

Hot water cleaning is a type involved in cleaning a solid surface, such as a carpet, with a brush. The carpet will be washed using the equipment provided, dried cleanly without dust or stains, and then returned to its original location after drying.


Carpet shampooing

Carpet shampooing is quite popular compared to other methods. Because the chemical content present in the shampoo removes the soli and stains from the carpet, during this process the carpet will be wet and take time to dry. But this method is cleaner than the above method.


Encapsulation used detergents to clean the carpet. The detergents make soil and other unwanted matter in the carpet into powder by losing the dirt particles from the carpet. And then they are vacuumed and dried after cleaning.

Bonnet cleaning

This method is used for surface cleaning, where a heavy-duty motorised machine like a vacuum is moved over the top of the carpet.

Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is the latest cleaning method. This method is comparatively newer than other methods. Here, the cleaning material is made up of biodegradable materials. https://www.carpetcleaningsatx.com/is a cleaning service in San Antonio.