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While Divorcing, Sell Your Home

Divorce can indeed be difficult and emotional. However, in the near vicinity of a tough situation, you may be like those certain noncustodial parents who reside in a cottage and are attempting to start figuring out how to sell your property while going through a hard time in Kentucky. Here are some of our best tips and strategies for navigating the property investment portion of your relationship breakdown as meticulously and effectively as possible.

Family homes in Relationship breakdown Can Be Difficult

During a relationship breakdown, the two parties attempt to divide their assets uniformly. It is very simple to do for some liquid assets (such as money). Other assets, such as real estate, are much more difficult to divide because how would you divide a mansion in 50 percent? It’s one asset whose value is derived from its completeness, and it’s usually a system constructed on a parcel of land, so it’s not going anywhere.

Given that dividing the house in half isn’t an alternative, should one participant get it instead of the other? In certain divorces, one party may be invited to take ownership of the residence hardly if they’re able to pick up the tab for it.

Here’s How To Divide Your Real Estate Asset

Selling the property investment asset  like is the greatest way to divide it:

The asset on its own could be burdened by expenses incurred during the selling process, or there may be outstanding bills, or the property may still have a partial outstanding mortgage. So the filing for divorce parties should presumably just sell the home and instruct their attorneys to implement the proceeds to any existing bills. The remaining funds will then be divided among the parties, with each receiving an agreement fraction (like 50/50).

But this leads to the issue of how to sell the property.

The Most Efficient Method For Selling A Divorce House

When it is time to sell, many people consider using a real estate broker. Unfortunately, there are a few issues with this:

The representative will require the owners to pay out of pocket to repair the house first — and then who ends up paying for that?

  • The house will then be listed by the representative, which might take 3-6 months (sometimes longer) to sell — either can party endure this long?
  • The representative then will encompass both stakeholders in the buyer’s negotiation, and there will be A fairly substantial amount of documentation to scramble back and forth.
  • This is an expensive and time-consuming technique of selling, and it can classism the divorce proceedings.