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Steps to get an emotional support animal letter?

Before discussing the steps of getting an emotional support animal letter (ESA), let’s know what it means. ESA are animals trained for people with mental stress and any other disorder. ESA helps mentally sick people to overcome their problems.

To get benefits from ESAs, you require a legitimate letter from the state government. Simply put, it is a kind of license you need to hire the ESAs and wander with them freely without breaking any law.

Let’s understand more about how you can get this letter and benefit from it. Scroll below to find your steps:

  • Know about your disorder: To determine whether you have an illness, you must first evaluate your situation. If you are unhappy, you should look for signs of depression and other prevalent mental disorders. If you learn about them, you can ask for ESA.
  • Get help from the healthcare sector:If you find any sign of depression, you can ask for the help of healthcare professionals. Here, you must be honest and open with all your thoughts and emotions. The next step is for your doctor to assess your health and identify the nature of your issue. The doctor might ask you to participate in tests to determine your health. To help you with your problem, he might also prescribe medication or suggest other preventive steps.
  • Go through prescribed tests:The following steps are to complete all the tests your doctor prescribes. Because it will diagnose your actual condition, you are eligible for hiring an emotional support animal letter.

esa letter

  • Follow your doctors: Based on the outcomes of the test you underwent, your doctor will provide you with expert guidance and treatments. You need to take your doctor’s advice carefully. Most of the time, your doctor might advise getting an ESA. After that, you will receive an official ESA letter enabling you to retain and use the pet.


With the help of the above steps, you can become eligible to hire the letter of an emotional support animal. So, if you need a partner to overcome your current situation, you can get a pet to calm you best.