Never Stop Playing

Why Players Like Playing Sports and Games

Why do people play sports and games? Because they’re fun. And why are they fun? Nobody knows exactly, but there are some obvious ways to have fun in a game.


Sports teach skills that are important for life–speed, strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, endurance, discipline. They also teach teamwork.


Winning is exciting! It feels great to win–you feel successful and influential. But winning isn’t everything. If you win all the time, you probably aren’t learning anything about yourself or improving your skills; it’s too easy to win when there’s no challenge involved.


The thrill of competition can help focus everyone on achieving goals that require cooperation and the support of others (which can be a challenge). If everyone in a group is cheering for each other and trying to help each other win, it’s more fun for everybody.


Sports allow you to have many different experiences–you can learn from failures as well as successes. You may try something over and over again before it finally works, but if you’re willing to keep at something fun too–and even when you lose, you will have learned something new. Learning life skills through sports gives the whole family an excuse to get out, stay active, spend time together, and have fun!


Most of all, though sports are just good old-fashioned good clean fun. Most people play bandarq online games because they enjoy them–not because they want to win, but because they want to experience the thrill of success. Kids learn that you’re always a winner when you have fun!


So whether you’re playing games or watching sports on TV with your family, remember that the most important thing is to have fun.