project LEXICON

How to find the words in the Project Lexicon game?

The project LEXICON is a word game that you can play on your own or with other people. There are lots of strategies to find words in the game. It helps to find more words in the game.

  • Trial and error
  • List by heart
  • Find easy Words
  • Use the hints and cheats

These are the four simple and common strategies to find the words in the project LEXICON game.

Trial and error

The common method used by all gamers is to put all the known words on the board and then find suitable answers. The board will determine if the word is suitable or not immediately. This method is known as the “trial-and-error method because it uses all known words on the board to find the answer.

List by heart

The games provide players with a list of words pinned up on the wall at their homes to get familiar with the words. There are some two-letter words in the game that are very useful for building words in the game and earning points. It also helps you learn new words from the game.

project LEXICON

Find easy Words

The game also gives random beginners as the opponent of the game. The beginners use random, easy words to score points on the board. You can also do this in the game. Find some easy words to score points and build your word board.

Hints and cheats

Use the hints and cheats offered by the boards to find the words. This hint shows you the right place to fill the board with the particular word. It will be a simple and easy way to find the words on the board by using the cheats.