How Does Yoga Help

Yoga Poses You Must Consider Doing Regularly

Do you know how yoga helps to tone your entire body? There is no doubt that the professional yoga practitioners look as if they are carved out of the marble: amazing proportions, and curves in a right way and muscles for days. But, many people do not associate yoga with toning in a same way they do with dynamic workouts like weightlifting and running, so let us check out why is yoga exercise important for you.

Checking Out the Best Toning Poses in Yoga

There are some yoga poses that are quite popular for being excellent for toning your entire body. For example, bridge pose tones down your glutes and thighs and plank pose sculpts and tones other parts of your body. Plank pose will tone your arms, abs, obliques as well as glutes. (It is one simple pose that can easily be done at home. Try to hold the plank position for one minute, many times in a day.)

  • The cobra asanas will tone down your back and core muscles. The back muscles will get toned since they stretch & contract in holding this cobra pose. Also, your abs & glutes work hard during the pose.
  • The chair asanas is known to tone down your quads & glutes. The chair pose will often lead to the toned legs and it is a perfect workout.

is yoga exercise

Yoga is the best workout lose weight, to get in proper shape, and to develop healthy habit. Suppose you are looking to get in proper shape, these poses will help you in losing weight as well as gain extra muscle tone.

Is Yoga Better than Gym?

Though your gym workout will burn calories at the faster rate, but causes huge stress on your joints, muscles, and bones that makes you highly susceptible to pain and injuries. But, yoga takes the body through a complex motion that gently loosens the tight muscles without adding stress on your joints. Actually, yoga is known as the weight-bearing exercise, and it puts just adequate stress on the bones that in turn improves their capability to store calcium, thus toning not just the muscles but it also strengthens the bones.