email blacklist

Understand the reasons for the email blacklist

  • In this modern competitive world, every business is using certain marketing strategies to reach customers. One of the most popular techniques is sending emails to customers. It is the best way to reach people and connect with them. However, some companies’ emails are listed on an email blacklist that will not allow them to send emails to the customers. Commonly, they have not done anything incorrect, but if they check their status they would identify that emails have been blacklisted. Here are a few reasons behind the emails being blacklisted.

 email blacklist


  • Frequent spam reports:
  • If a large group of users reports your email as spam then it would get blacklisted. If you send any unsolicited emails or if the users find that they don’t want to get receive emails from your company then would report it as spam. Instead of unsubscribing it, many people report spam that would add your emails to the blacklist.
  • A sudden increase in emails list:
  • Email marketing will change according to the company’s growth. If a company sending emails increases rather than average sending volume, then it would demonstrate a potential spam movement. It is because the ISPs would consider that the list has been purchased.
  • Hackers send emails:
  • Hackers using the technology may steal the details of all your clients and send emails to their targets. Many people without knowing it would open the emails and would see the messages. But many companies would not know that until the customer complaints about the mails. So, your domain gets into the blacklist.
  • Thus, the above are a few reasons for the email blacklist. Getting your company’s email blacklist can make your company have a bad reputation. So, you need to consider Email Blacklist Check with the help of professionals, and you should remove the emails from the blacklist.