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Looking for a Towbar Fitter – Things to Consider

Car Towbars can be fitted to a vehicle to provide an attachment point for the rear of another vehicle. If your car is not equipped with a towbar, then you will need to have one fitted externally. If you are looking to have a towbar fitted to your vehicle by mobile towbar fitters, then this article will help you understand the process and what to consider before making a decision.

Does my vehicle require a towbar?

If you are in the market for a towbar to be fitted to your vehicle, then it is important that you understand the requirements of having one fitted. Most cars these days come with a factory fitted towbar, often referred to as a ‘tow pack’ or ‘towing package’. This can be identified by the presence of a light on top of the rear of your car. This will usually include both a reversing lamp as well as indicators that are used when towing. If you are in doubt whether or not your vehicle requires a towbar, then you can check your handbook for information on the subject.

Who can fit my towbar?

Leicester Towbar Fitting

If your car does not come with a factory fitted towing package, then you will need to have one installed externally by a specialist. Many garages will be able to offer this service – but not all. Some garages may only be certified to work on new cars, so if your car is a few years old, then you may not be able to get it fitted there. In addition, it may be the case that your garage has no suitably qualified staff who are trained in external fitting of towbars. This can result in a longer job and an increased risk of damage occurring during the process.

Where can you find a towbar fitting specialist?

The internet is a great place to start when looking for a towbar specialist. There are many online car parts websites, and some will also list towbar fitters in the local area. The likes of Google and Bing are also useful for finding local businesses, simply by typing the words ‘towbar fitters’ into the search bar and hitting enter – your results will appear in no time.