beginners vape kits

Know more about vape pod kits and its types


Those who are considering switching from traditional cigarettes to vape kits or just wanting a second device should consider a vape pod kit. This device works well with higher nicotine strengths and nic salts, and it’s easy to use straight out of the box.

This vaping style has both pros and cons, and there are a number of vape pods available.

Different types of vape pods

There are a variety of vape mods, all of which have batteries and Pods on top. The difference between them is the pod.

Prefilled vape pod kit or closed vape pod kit

This type of pod vape kits comes with e-liquid already inside the cartridge. In addition, refills of liquid or replacement of atomizer heads are not possible. When the e-liquid in the pod runs out or the atomizer head fails, the cartridge needs to be replaced.

There is little maintenance required for this type of pod; it is essentially plug-and-play. For smokers who are transitioning to vaping, pods are ideal because they do not need refills or atomizer heads changed, so they are very convenient.

beginners vape kits

Open vape pod kit

Closed pod devices are generally designed similarly to those with open pods. Because of this, they need little to no adjustment and are simple to maintain. The pods can be manually refilled with e-liquid when they run out, and the atomizer head can be changed if necessary.

When it comes to vape, this type of pod is ideal for those who want more freedom. It allows vapers to use a second device when they’re out and about.

There is no way to remove some open pods’ atomizer heads, but they can be refilled with e-liquid. It is possible for you to choose the type of liquid that you would like to vape with when you use this type of pod vape kits. In spite of that, it requires less maintenance because the atomizer heads need not be replaced.

In case you want to carry a discreet, compact vape kit with you, Pods are a perfect choice. Similar to cigarettes, they produce the same effects. They are therefore a great way for smokers to make the switch to vaping.

The initial cost of the starter kit is lower than that of a regular vape kit, so you’re less committed financially when you begin. We will offer you the chance to learn what vaping style is right for you.