5 Reasons you should study holistic skincare science

 The physics institute has established an initiative called ‘Opening Doors,’ which aims to eliminate gender prejudice in science education and promote science education for all. Aveda Institute Esthiology Program also aims to demonstrate that science offers tremendous job opportunities in various fields.

We think science is fascinating, and the study of skincare science, sometimes known as cosmetology, provides our graduates with excellent professional opportunities worldwide. 99.99 percent of our students are women, and our global student community understands that producing high-quality organic skincare requires sound science. So, here are five reasons for studying organic skincare science:

  1. Organic ingredients

Nothing beats having a skincare lab stocked with rich, creamy butter, delectable cold-pressed organic plant oils, delicately scented floral waters, and lovely organic essential oil bottles. The majority of us who work in the organic cosmetics industry adore our substances, but we also enjoy learning about their scientific qualities and how they operate. You’ll be a better formulator if you understand their scientific qualities.

  1. Learning about your skin

When it comes to developing organic cosmetics, understanding the anatomy and physiology of your skin is essential. When it comes to manufacturing cosmetics, understanding the layers of the skin and how they interact is crucial; otherwise, how would you know how to build your products?

 Many individuals who produce natural skincare don’t realize this and believe that the carrier oils in their products will end up in their bloodstream since they read it someplace on the internet.  It is only one illustration of what happens when organic chemicals come into touch with your skin.

  1. Emulsification

Have you ever attempted to make an emulsion? If you have, you are aware that an emulsion is created by combining water and oil with the aid of an emulsifying agent. As you watch the lotion form before your eyes, it’s very probably the single greatest thing about cosmetic formulation. Combining two different elements to create an even greater result is science at its finest.

  1. Credibility

Understanding the fundamentals of science and how they apply to your skin and products can increase your credibility. You won’t be talking about ‘chemical-free’ goods or attempting to persuade people that 60% of what they put on their skin goes up in their bloodstream.


In the past, the natural and organic skincare industry hasn’t exactly built a reputation for itself. All of that can be changed with a little science. Come check out Aveda Institute Esthiology Program now that you’ve experienced how exciting science can be! After all, just because you don’t want to utilize synthetic chemicals doesn’t imply you should disregard all scientific studies.