Electricity Supplier

Your Georgia Natural Gas Bill

The bill you receive is a thorough document that details the rate you pay per thermometer, customer service fee, and any AGL pass-through charges. It also includes important information regarding your current and previous usage information, the date of reading your meter and other charges that may influence the final amount you pay.

How to select the right gas plan and price

Georgia customers can choose their energy supplier and choose from a range of fixed-rate natural gaz plans. Fixed-rate rates are preferred by many people due to their being more predictable and do not change in response to market conditions.

Variable Rates

A company that is responsible for managing gas supply should be able to adjust the price according to market prices and usage. This can help you save more money in your pocket when prices are lower, but it could mean higher prices when they rise.

Variable rates are typically slightly higher than fixed rates. It is recommended to compare rates, since the market can be unpredictable.

Switching to a new natural gas provider is a straightforward process that most providers make simple for their customers. The process typically involves filling out a form and arranging service up to 90 days in advance.

You can determine if your home is eligible for a discounted rate by checking with the PSC or calling your natural gas marketer. Certain marketers offer discounted rates for military personnel, seniors and people who have low incomes.

The PSC maintains an Excel spreadsheet that contains information on the current market prices for natural gas. They are submitted monthly by Natural Gas Marketers to PSC. This is a great place to start your search but does not include prices from every supplier.

Many gas providers offer a variety of add-ons to standard rate plans. They could include a Next thermostat, security camera, or other items that can help save money and protect your family against potential threats to safety or the environment.

For instance, a company who donates a portion their profits to a local animal charity can help you out if your dog gets injured or killed playing outside.

Your bill is among the most important aspects of your electricity and natural gas experience. It is your opportunity to know more about how much you are paying and the steps you need to take to lower your energy costs.

How can you secure a fantastic deal with the supplier of your choice

If you’re seeking a low-cost rate, gas south is one of the most reliable suppliers in the state. They have a variety of natural gas plans with flexible rates and payment options, and also online account services that allow you to check your bill and previous payments, as well as change the plan you use for gas or change your gas consumption.