All About Ettilux Home

The market is saturated with online Moroccan rug stores that make great guarantees but forget to offer real, top-quality rugs. The website knows since the website was once much like one frantically trying many weavers for large legitimate rugs, still unhappy with the fleece nature and winding methods. From the exchange of weavers to countless visits to rug cooperatives.

The Start

It was business as usual. There were no large rugs in sight, so the website dedicated itself to making the Moroccan rugs that are rolled to excellent standards using the finest wool yarns, from mountains of card books, giving lovely patterns and captivating tones. The main thing that remained was to pass on these pieces of craft to the people who need to liven up their homes.

Ettilux Home

Ettiluxhome has worked with over 1000 deeply talented women helping them find their skills and creative mind. The stunning rugs are inspired by the tones, examples, and plans of nature. Bring nature inside and help make the home great and happy. The website value talented craftsmanship and cooperative associations, the website appreciates and praises the special skills of the women who roll the rugs and each of the people who add to the rug enterprise. Ettilux home rugs are quickly becoming the group’s top picks in the local indoor fashion arena. The website is here to serve the customers and the website is focused on providing the best types of assistance, meeting the customers’ needs with absolute attention to detail and kindness.