Selling Your House During a Short Sale

Tips for Selling Your House During Summer

Selling a house can be stressful, especially when you’re juggling all the work and commitments of summer. But there are ways to simplify life and free up more time for enjoyable activities this time of year offers. Here are tips on prepping your home for sale, getting top dollar for it, and staying sane during the process.

Thoroughly Clean Out Your Home

Make a thorough cleanout of everything in your house that you no longer want or need. If something hasn’t been used in six months, chances are it won’t be missed when gone. Empty every closet, cabinet and drawer; discard old newspapers and magazines as well as any unused appliances or furniture; if it’s difficult for you to part with something, donate it instead of throwing it out completely; alternatively, consider having a yard sale instead. Discover our innovation and technology by visiting today!

Take control of your yard

Cut back overgrown bushes, plant beds and hedges to make room for new growth. Weeding, mulching and dividing plants can be a big job but now is the ideal time to do it when soil moisture levels are high and few flowers are in bloom. It’s easier to manage these issues gradually rather than trying to catch them when they’re growing quickly. Don’t forget about trimming trees either!

Cleaning Up the Exterior

New houses sell faster and for a higher price if they have an attractive, tidy appearance. If you haven’t already this summer, take care of all clutter on the outside of your home. Leaving old toys and items lying around gives off the impression that someone lives there; it makes it hard to create the impression that no one lives there. Donate all old equipment, tools and tires by taking them to a county recycling center or other appropriate location.

Cleaning Up the Interior

Clean and organized homes often sell for top dollar – especially when selling to someone with children. So take time out of your day to dust, vacuum all woodwork, carpets and furniture before organizing any closets you have so you can see how it looks inside at any time during the day.

Consider Painting

If your house is currently unsellable, painting the interior may help attract more interest. Even during summertime when people return to school, freshly painted homes tend to command higher prices than their non-painted counterparts. Be sure to inquire how long the paint needs to dry before you put your house back on the market.

Offer a Home Warranty

A home warranty is an efficient and profitable way to sell your house quickly and for top dollar. It can be provided by either an independent company, the real estate agent, or both. These companies have the right to enter without warning and inspect for any serious problems that would make the property less marketable. The money saved by having repairs done promptly more than makes up for hiring someone from the warranty company to inspect it.